Friday, January 4, 2013

Tradition 7: Christmas with the Cousins

After the excitement from the morning dies down, the house is somewhat returned to order and the batteries are found for all the toys, it is time for another burst of chaos and fun to ensue.  Cousin time!  My dad's youngest sister, Laurie, her husband, Hoody, and their five kids, Andrew, Caroline, Peter, Coco, and Patrick (Patch) all come over.  Little kids truly get Christmas, so spending the evening with them makes us all little kids again.

The whole gang minus my dad who was taking the pic.




Caroline and Peter

Coco and her new American Girl doll


When the kids arrived there were lots of hugs and updates on what Santa brought this year.  Coco, of course, wanted to color, and Peter entertained us all with his fart machine. The quote of the night was him saying, "You know what is so awesome about this fart machine, now I can fart for real whenever I want, because everyone will just think it is the machine."

Next up was a good old fashion Christmas dinner.  We had a few challenges cutting the turkey, but with the four parents, we were able to take care of it!

After dinner, we wanted to avoid the turkey slumber, so we played an exciting game of charades.  Even 4-year-old Patch got into it!

Not really charades, just Kevin pretending to be Kevin and not wanting his picture taken.

Hoody took a liking to the boys' Russian hats.

Even after 26 years of marriage, my parents 
are still in love and always break out dancing.

The Quill kids are the best to give presents to!  Everyone is always super excited and shower us with "thank yous."

My mom found this creative Pinterest craft to make for Hoody's gift.

Finally we finished the night off with some good, old-fashion cookie decorating.

Patch got more frosting on his face than the cookie!

It was another truly wonderful Christmas!  I am so blessed:)

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