Monday, January 14, 2013

Girls' Weekend

Once the craziness of the holidays subsided, the Christmas cards coming each day dwindled to just a few stragglers, and the radio stations returned to their normal music, my poor mom could finally catch her breath.  She is amazing during the holiday season, running all over to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves and feels extra special Christmas morning.  We all greatly appreciate what she does, and thankfully I got to spend my last few days at home with just her while the boys were at Tahoe.

We started Saturday off with a trip to the Danville Farmer's market to check out the latest in produce.  

Next up was Walnut Creek where we saw the movie, Les Miserables.  It was wonderful and both of us were quite impressed.  We then strolled around the shops to check out the latest after Christmas sales.

Sunday started off with church before heading to the Little Pear to grab a hearty breakfast, courtesy of the gift card I had won at the bruschetta party.  

We then meandered around the shops at Blackhawk Plaza and came across the most amazing deals at a shop going out of business.  Everything was 50-75% off and we walked away with several great steals.  

Upon arriving home, Amber (my golden retriever) made it quite obvious that she needed a walk, so we took her along the creek trail across the street.

We finished off our weekend with a delicious dinner at the Peasant and the Pear, courtesy of the other half of the gift card I won.  We started off with a pear bruschetta that melted in your mouth, followed by a salad, and filet mignon.  Needless to say there was no room for dessert.

I had a great weekend with you mom and love and miss you!

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