Monday, February 27, 2012

Sing: Bienvenue a la Masquerade

If you have been reading my blog for the last year, then you know what Baylor Sing is.  The largest Off-Broadway musical production and the craziest time at Baylor (besides Homecoming).  Two hour practices, five days a week for all of January and February, millions of emails, late nights, and high stress levels, all for a seven minute act; but it is completely worth it!

Our main source of energy....
Lynn-Holly's face says it all!
Every fourth year, Kappa teams up with the fraternity, Kappa Sigma, to do a co-ed act which adds a completely different dynamic to the performance.  Not only are there more people on stage, but the boys can add a goofiness to practice that is both entertaining and frustrating beyond words.  The last time the Kappa's and Kappa Sig's teamed up, we won first place, so there were obviously big shoes to fill this year.

Yep, the Kappa room was pretty crowded!
The Hancock's good luck cookie cakes are ALWAYS appreciated! 
The Roomies in Costume
Pi Phi - Theta - Kappa - Theta - Pi Phi
The theme this year was "Bienvenue a la Masquerade".  The act started out in a formal, masquerade ball setting, but the formal affair was soon crashed by the playful jesters.  Out went the snobbish attitudes of the masquerade attendees and in came fun had by all.  The moment of transition caught the audience off guard as some of our talented ballerinas were hoisted off stage by some sneaky jesters.  The act ends with the moment of truth when the guests remember who they are and return to acting like high society socialites to match the formal affair they are attending.


Kevin my dance partner
My Grand Little, Rachel
Our hair took A LOT of work.  The dress girls had to put their hair in sock buns which was not too easy, considering we all have layered hair.  The jokers had to tease their hair more than anyone thought was humanly possibly.  I think both groups decided to not shower the whole weekend, just so we would not have to redo our hair each night.

The boys love having their pictures taken too...

After 6 performances, all of our hard work paid off.  The audiences loved our act.  The judges loved our act.  AND WE WON 1st PLACE!  What a way to end my last Sing performance.  It is a memory that will remain pretty high on that list of "Baylor Bests".

Monday, February 13, 2012

Katie Comes To Visit

She finally came! After four years of being in Waco, Katie finally made it out from Boulder to visit, and we sure had a fun weekend!  It started off with me picking her up at the airport in Dallas Friday morning and grabbing a delicious breakfast at Bread Winners.  We had to get the free Sprinkle's Cupcake of the Day courtesy of Twitter and figured my roomies would want some as well.
Katie and I both LOVE coffee, so of course we went to Common Grounds, the best and cutest coffee shop in all of Waco before we headed to campus to give Katie a little tour.

The campus visitor's center has this great photo booth that we took advantage of.
It just so happens that Katie is a Kappa at Boulder and that we were having initiation the same weekend she came out.  This meant that she could come to all of our activities, but I can't say anymore about what we did, because, of course, it is a secret!

Saturday morning was more initiation activities and then a Waco-must for lunch, Taco Z. They have the best quesadillas and Katie will still send me a text every now and then asking if I can find a way to send her some.

Saturday afternoon we made our way to the Baylor basketball game.  It was quite a cold walk from my house as you can tell by Katie's attire.  We only stayed long enough to get a free shirt, but it was still pretty fun!

We finished Saturday off with a trip to Klassy Glass, the new wine bar in town.  Great wine, great food, and great convo made for a perfect night!

Sunday morning we went for a nice but chilly run in Cameron Park, tossed tortillas on the suspension bridge (a Baylor tradition), and had a delicious breakfast at Caffe Cappuccino.

All too soon it was time to take Katie back to the airport, but I loved my visit with her and she can come back any time that she wants!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Seven Layer Cake

Well now that I have transferred all of my pictures to my computer, I decided to go back to where I really left off on my blog to try to catch up.  I guess it is a New Year's resolution come early.  Don't ask me how, but somehow I forgot about this cake.  
Bekah is pumped to get cooking!!

Now this is no ordinary cake, let me tell you......
2 brownie layers
2 cheesecake layers
2 chocolate chip cookie layers
5 graham crackers (this is one of the ‘cake’ layers)
1 recipe for marshmallow frosting
1 recipe for chocolate frosting

It took some serious converting...
And maybe a spill or two...
After $45 at HEB to get the ingredients, a mixer because ours broke, and more pans, plus over 4 hours of cooking, it was complete and tasted DELICIOUS!
Finally Stacked! 
Starting to Frost
Almost done
If you have a whole day on your hands, you should try out this recipe!  Click here to see the link to the recipe.

We had to literally take apart the freezer to fit the cake in it,
 and then the shelf broke it was so heavy.   Now that is some cake!

Sapphire Ball

One of the highlights of college is sorority events, especially formals!  What is more fun than getting all dressed up, going to dinner, and dancing the night away with friends?  Sapphire Ball is our annual formal for Kappa. 
Since my roommates are all in different sororities, we always love helping each other get ready and then being the official welcoming and picture taking crew.  They did not let me down and gave Austin quite the screaming welcome when he came to pick me up.
Candid pictures are a roomie specialty
Love these girls
Over half of my pledge class went to dinner at an Italian place in town and we loved all being able to fit in one restaurant.
 PC '09 - Best Pledge Class Ever
Just fixing the tie
After dinner we headed off to the beautiful Phoenix Ballroom for the dance.  Since we just switched positions, this was my first Kappa event not as the social chair.  It was weird not having to be the first to arrive, set-up and clean-up, but the new social chairs did a wonderful job!  We had so much fun dancing the night away.
The Family: Rachel, Mallory, Lisa, Lindsay 
Little + Big
We had so much fun dancing the night away and it is crazy to think that was my last Sapphire Ball of college!