Saturday, November 10, 2012

Waco Farmer's Market

When I first came to Baylor, Waco was nothing to brag about!  However, over the past few years the town has really expanded as more and more graduates decide to stay and open their own businesses.  Outdoor Waco, which I helped start last year, has helped people take better advantage of the river and Cameron Park, and the new football stadium is sure to help as well!!

However, one of my favorite new additions is the Farmer's Market every Saturday!  It started last winter, but was really struggling with just a few stands.  The one time I went it was freezing cold and not even worth getting out of the car.  However, Emily and I decided to give it another shot because we had heard a lot of people talking about it.  We started our morning off with a run through Cameron Park and then headed to the market.  Boy, were we in for a surprise!

This was not the same market I had been to before!  There were numerous stands with local produce, dairy and meat products, soaps, and even a local winery.  There was a yoga class being held and several food trucks which were cooking up delicious breakfast burritos, wood-oven pizzas, and crepes.  We decided on delicious pumpkin crepes.  We sat back and listened to a local folk band sing some songs, completely content with Waco.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Baylor Homecoming

Baylor has the biggest and best college Homecoming.  In fact, we are even recognized in the Smithsonian for it.  So, of course, my Baylor loving dad and kid loving mom made their annual trip out for it!

Friday morning my dad spoke in a real estate class, so I decided to go listen.  He did great, but even his interesting lecture couldn't keep J.J.'s roommate next to me from falling asleep.  However, I don't blame him, he had been up all night putting the final touches on their float.  That night we all went to Pigskin to watch the finalists from Sing perform.  I am proud to say that KKG - Kappa Sig proved to everyone that we did deserve to win first place, but all of the acts were fantastic!

After Pigskin, everyone headed out to the middle of campus for the bonfire.  A huge mountain of wood is piled up in the middle of the grass lawn, the football team gives a speech, the cheerleaders do a cheer, and then the fire is lit.  It is truly massive and everyone always wonders if it will burn the other buildings down, but it hasn't yet.  We spent a good hour dancing away to a live band.  We may have looked ridiculous, but we had fun.  In fact, it may have been my mom's favorite part of the night.

Austin's family and Nate and Ali joined up with us

I told you it was a huge fire.

My parents still have never been tortilla tossing, a Waco tradition, so we decided to take them.  You throw tortillas off the suspension bridge and try to get them to land on a big cement post standing out in the river about 50 yards away.  We all finally made it, but the ducks were well fed that night.

At midnight we realized that no one had eaten dinner yet, so we took my parents to Ihop for a true, late-night college dinner.

Saturday morning was the famous Homecoming parade!  Most organizations on campus enter a float, local bands march, and a stream of sports cars drive the Baylor Homecoming Court and famous faculty through the middle of campus.

Had to snap a picture of this cutie.

J.J.'s girlfriend, Lara, was in the parade!

After the parade I met up with my big, Kim, who was in town for the day.  She got engaged a few weeks after this picture!

Saturday afternoon was the Baylor football game.  Everyone donned their green and gold and headed out to Floyd Casey Stadium to cheer on the bears!

Small world: This family stood in front of me at the UT-Baylor game in Austin a few weeks before.  They happened to be at a tailgate of a mutual friend of ours.  Turns out they are from California too!

My old roomies.

Lindsay, my little.

We won! What a great way to finish off Homecoming Weekend and so glad my parents could come to visit!