Sunday, April 1, 2012

Outdoor Waco

Over the spring semester, I had the opportunity to help open a new outdoor adventure store in Waco, called Outdoor Waco.  It was pretty neat to see the evolution of the shop from just an idea in the minds of several entrepreneurs to a popular shop in just a few months.  In January, my entrepreneurial finance teacher connected me with Ryan who had the idea for the shop.  Along with Ryan, his visionary friend, Mark, and future store manager, Trinity, the brainstorming began.  Jessie and Kyle soon joined our team and everything started falling into place.

Kyle - Trinity - Jessie

The goal of the shop was to provide both the community of Waco and Baylor students a place to gather, take advantage of the outdoor resources, and buy neat gear.  I was in charge of social media and marketing; especially helping to spread the word to Baylor students.  From setting up a website, Facebook, and Twitter to getting out press releases to local newspapers and radio stations to coming up with fun contests, they kept me pretty busy.  I also got to help with the design of the store and correspondence with the city.

 Starting Out...

In just three months, we were able to turn an idea into opening day.  It was crazy starting off, but everyone loved the place.  The earthy style made it a friendly environment and the coffee shop with its special bubble tea quickly became a new study space for students.

 Getting Closer...

I am honored to be a part of starting such an awesome store.  Now, will I start my own store some day, probably not, but it was an experience most people never get the chance to have.  If you get a chance, check out their website.

Outdoor Waco: Bike - Hike - Paddle - Coffee Shop